Frequently Asked Questions about the Buckeye Brass and Winds Rental Program

  • Can I switch out my student’s trumpet (flute, clarinet, etc.) for another trumpet (flute, clarinet, etc.) at the end of this school year so that they get a nicer one?
      • No.  The instrument exchange is only for changing between instrument types.  For example, your student may want to change from trumpet to percussion.
  • My student is continuing with Band next school year.  Do my payments stop during the summer?
      • No, your payments will continue during the summer months as you will still be in possession of the instrument.
  • My student won’t be using the instrument during the summer, so can I just return the instrument to you for the summer and not have to make payments?
      • No.  Once you return the instrument to us, the contract is considered terminated.  
  • My student is not going to be continuing with Band next school year.  My student can just leave the instrument at school and everything will take care of itself, right?
      • Maybe, maybe not.  If you choose to leave the instrument at school, you will need to let us know by email of your intent to return the instrument by leaving it at school.  You will also need to let the director know of your intent to leave the instrument at school so that it can be returned to us.  Your rental payments will continue until we have received the instrument into our physical possession.  Also, you will need to give the instrument to the band director BEFORE the last day of school.  Once school ends, we cannot guarantee that we will have access to the school to pick up the instrument.  The band director and all other school employees are not employees of Buckeye Brass and Winds and cannot be expected to provide access to the school for us to pick up the instrument.  Furthermore, unless we have an email from you stating that you are leaving the instrument at school, we will not even know to expect your instrument back.  In all cases, your rental payments will still continue.  Please read the terms and agreement for the rental agreement on our website found here.
  • I thought all damage was covered under the rental agreement.  Why do I have to pay this bill?
      • Accidental damage happens, and we understand.  However, we can also tell when the damage was caused by negligence or was intentional.  If we determine that the damage was an accident, then you will not be charged.  If we determine that the damage was intentional or through negligence, then we will charge you for the repairs.
  • My student’s instrument isn’t working the way it should.  What should I do?
      • First, talk to your band director.  The issue may be something minor, or it may need to be sent to us.  Your band director will work with us in the event that it needs to come to us.