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Student Instrument Rentals!

Everything is better with music.  

Without music, movies would be boring, weddings just a contract exchange, and sports fans wouldn’t have anything to do during breaks in the action.  Music drives the suspense in a scary movie, helps stir the emotions during a wedding, and gets the crowd pumped up when the team needs them the most.  As much enjoyment as we get from listening to music, making the music is even better.  The greatest musicians had to get their start somewhere. The great musicians of today got their start by Joining the Band!


Your partner in music.

At Buckeye Brass and Winds, we are passionate about music and love sharing that passion with our community.  We consider it a privilege to partner with our local schools and with you to bring your student a high-quality instrument that is specifically designed for young music students.  We also bring to you a wealth of knowledge and experience.  We have musicians (professional and amateur), instructors, a former band director, and band parents among our staff.  Our knowledge and experience encompasses all phases of the life of a musician, from beginner to adult, director to the engineer who designed the instruments, and as the parent or guardian who has a young student or students who wants to join the band and make music.


The most important thing you will receive when renting an instrument from us is our unwavering commitment to you and your student.  We want your student to have a wonderful experience making music, and we are dedicated to helping them in any way we can.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].  We would love to help guide you and your young musician through the process of joining the band and beginning a lifetime of making music.


Why rent?

There are many good reasons to rent an instrument for a beginning band student rather than purchase.  Here are some of the top reasons to rent an instrument with us:


  • Less upfront cost.  Renting only requires you to make an initial payment and monthly payments.  These payments are spread out.  If you buy an instrument, you have to pay for the entire cost of the instrument upfront.
  • Less financial risk.  If your student decides that Band isn’t for them, you can simply return the instrument to us, which ends the contract.  There is no minimum contract length or payment amount (beyond the initial payment of course) with our contracts.  As long as the instrument is in good condition, your contract is over once the instrument is returned.
  • Rent to own.  With the Buckeye Brass and Winds Instrument Rental Program, 100% of the instrument rental fee payments go toward the purchase of the instrument.  At the end of the contract (assuming that you have made all of your payments), you own the instrument.  You don’t need to pay extra to buy the instrument at the end of your contract.
  • Early payoff.  If your beginning band student absolutely loves Band, then you may want to take advantage of our early payoff discount.  You can  let us know at any point during your contract that you would like to pay off your rental contract, even if not every one of your payments made it to us on time.  The early payoff allows you to pay 50% of the remaining balance.
  • Flexibility.  Your student’s first choice of instrument may not be their last.  Sometimes, they find that they like a different instrument better.  With the Buckeye Brass and Winds Instrument Rental Program, switching instruments is easy and 100% of the instrument rental fee payments that you have made are applied to your young musician’s new instrument choice.
  • Piece of mind.  Instruments get dirty and accidents happen.  A sticky valve or bent key can make playing an instrument an exercise in frustration.  Our Maintenance and Repair plan is paid alongside your monthly instrument rental fee in your monthly payment and allows you to bring in your instrument for maintenance and repair when something isn’t quite right at no additional charge.  See our terms and conditions for more details.
  • Instrument Step-Up.  All musicians will eventually outgrow their first instrument.  At Buckeye Brass and Winds, we believe that developing musicians need and deserve quality instruments at a fair and reasonable price.  For us, this means that your student will have an instrument that is going to fit their needs for years to come and that you get as much value from that purchase as possible.  For some, it might mean an excellent used professional trumpet.  For others, it might be a brand new semi-professional saxophone.  If you want to turn in your rental instrument, we will allow you to put 50% of the total amount you paid in instrument rental fees toward the purchase of an instrument of your choice - new or used, professional or not.  The choice is yours.  If you wish to keep your instrument (it is a good idea to use your beginner instrument for marching band), then we will give you 25% of the total amount you paid in instrument rental fees toward the purchase of an instrument of your choice.  It’s as simple as that.


 How do you rent an instrument with us?

  • Pick an instrument.  The first step in the process is usually working with the band director in some capacity to decide which instrument to go with.  
  • Fill out our application.  Once you and your student have decided which instrument they want to play, you will also decide between a new or previously-rented instrument. Then, you will need to fill out our online application.  
  • The next step.  At this point, you are pretty much finished and our work has just begun.  Depending on when you fill out your application and when you want your instrument, we will process your application.  If your school does instrument fittings in the spring and you fill out your application right after or sometime during the summer, then we will wait to process your application until it gets closer to school.  However, if you want to pick up your instrument as soon as possible, then we will process it as soon as we can.  Your initial payment will come out at this time.
  • Pick up or delivery.  You will have the option to pick up your instrument in our shop or have it delivered to your school free of charge (your band director may request that your instrument be for delivery only).  Your student’s instrument and band book will have a sticker with their name on them so they know what stuff is theirs.
  • What if something happens during the contract?  If the instrument ever needs service or if accessories are needed, we can pick up and drop off at your school and provide a loaner if needed.  Let your director know that your instrument needs some work, and they will let us know so that your instrument can be picked up.  Of course, you can always bring your instrument into our shop yourself, if you prefer.

How much is the instrument rental fee?


New Price

Previously-Rented Price










Alto Saxophone












Marimba Kit



 Some obligatory language.

Rental contracts for instruments consist of 36 total payments.  Your initial payment is equal to the instrument rental fee and is due when your rental application is processed, which marks the start of the lease agreement.  Your regular monthly payments (consisting of the price shown above and a monthly maintenance and repair fee*) will start no sooner than the following month.  You will have the option as to whether your payments are drawn on the 1st or 15th of each month.

You will have the option to select either a new or previously-rented instrument when filling out your rental application. (Please note that previously-rented inventory may not be available at all times and will be shown as Out of Stock.)  All of our rental instruments, whether new or previously-rented, are play tested and adjusted as necessary to ensure that your student will get an instrument that performs the way that it should.  Band isn’t fun if you are fighting with an instrument that isn’t performing well.  New instruments are new from the factory and have not been previously rented.  Previously-rented instruments have seen use as a rental, but still meet our high standards of playability.  They might have some minor scratches in the finish or very minor dings here and there, but they still perform at a high level.  All of our previously-rented instruments are sent to our in-house repair techs for any required maintenance or repairs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].


Please make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement in the link below. Once you read and understand the rental agreement, please click on the blue Rental Form button below to begin filling out our student instrument rental form. By clicking on the Rental Form button, you acknowledge that you have read the above rental agreement and the Terms and Conditions in the link below and agree to their terms.

Terms and Conditions


Rental Form


* Please note, there is no maintenance and repair fee for the marimba kits as they do not require regular maintenance and should not break under normal use (sticks and mallets are considered consumable items and are not covered under the rental agreement). In the event that a marimba kit should break from normal use, it will be considered a manufacturing defect, and the kit replaced with the same model at no extra charge to the renter. Buckeye Brass and Winds has the sole right to make the determination of the type of damage caused in cases of breakage of a rental marimba kit.