Best Brass Aluminum Trumpet Mute

Price: $99.99
SKU:  ae00-2342^TR
Manufacturer Part #:  TR

Premium sound with an advanced design.

First step toward a new level.

Much more comfort with much less effort.

Best Brass’ straight has a dark and rich sound from its pianissimo in all registers, while it still is hard to accomplish that with traditional straight mutes. Especially, the difference in low registers is a definite advantage. Also, a lot of conventional straight mutes actually have their pitch/intonation issues. If you just need “Straight sound”, that might be ok, however, those mutes are useless for most of the professional players. Best Brass’ Straight is designed for advanced/professional players, and this will help achieving a much more comfortable performance with a much less effort.

Detailed design

The edge of Best Brass’ Straight is covered by a special material which hardly affects its sound. This will prevent making a slight clicking/scratching noise, of which many of you have heard, and also protect the instrument from being damaged.

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