Edwards T350-CR-E Tenor Trombone

Price: $4,970.00
SKU:  ae00-2557^E-T350-CR-E
Manufacturer Part #:  E-T350-CR-E

Edwards trombones are well-known for their quality. Our example is brand new from the factory and ready to be played.  Below is the description of the T350 from Edwards:

The T350-CR-E is the latest addition to our symphonic tenor lineup. This instrument is built around a conventional rotor valve system and our harmonic pillar brace. It furthers our common-sense approach to providing customers with a variety of options without sacrificing sound and playability.

The CR-E blends aspects of our workhorse T350-E with Getzen’s Custom Reserve Tenor developed by Christan Griego. Its enhanced rotor has been improved with tweaks to port diameters, rotor passageways, and backplate inserts. This is not the same valve used on the original T350-CR model. The valve wrap allows the air to “step” in the right direction. Couple that with just the right amount of nickel and brass in the bracing, and the end result is a horn capable of achieving the sound for which Edwards is known.

This instrument comes with a uni-harmonic pillar brace. Similar in concept to the harmonic bridge found on the T396-AR and the T350-HB, this brace allows for a single harmonic pillar to be added to the horn in order to fine-tune its sound and feel.

Our T350-CR-E comes has the following specifications:

  • T350-CR-E Valve
  • OFT Tenor Bell
  • TY300 Yellow Brass Tuning Slide
  • T350-2N Tenor handslide with bass crook
  • TC101-VL Travel Case

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