Robert Tucci Mouthpieces

Robert Tucci Mouthpieces

ROBERT TUCCI mouthpieces are optimized for a broad range of instruments and musical situations. They have clearly defined objectives: those appropriate for beginners, those which serve as intermediary steps for developing musicians, others for players desiring a balance of qualities that suits a particular embouchure or instrument, and a comprehensive selection of models for musicians of professional endeavor.

Large models are preferred by experienced, dedicated musicians while enjoying great popularity with players of all levels of accomplishment. They make the broad sound and high dynamic range desired for performance in symphonic ensembles possible. Their sound has strong fundamental resonance characteristics and their tonal output is unprecedented. They are versatile in terms of range and velocity due to thoroughly refined design criteria.

ROBERT TUCCI offers a comprehensive selection of mature and proven models, designed by and for professionals. These have evolved over a period of thirty years and enjoy great popularity the world over.  ROBERT TUCCI mouthpieces enhance upon proven design philosophy. Vibrant and colorful sounds, rich in overtones, and excellent projection are their hallmark.

The rims are comfortable and compliment the cups to provide fast and even response over the complete register of the instruments. Soloists as well as recording and symphonic artists prefer them.  ROBERT TUCCI offers cup diameters ranging from 30 to 34 mm. and rims that allow firm control over articulation while pro- viding good endurance. Cups and backbores are optimized formaximumresonance, dynamic range, good intonation and the right response.

(courtesy Robert Tucci Mouthpieces)

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