Used Bach C190SL229 C Trumpet

Price: $2,700.00
SKU:  ae00-2405^USED C190SL229
Manufacturer Part #:  USED C190SL229

This is an outstanding example of a standard Bach C190SL229 C trumpet.  It has been modified to have an "H" mouthpipe.  It is in excellent condition mechanically, with all of the valves and slides moving easily.  The finish is in very good condition, with some scratches around the valve block and some almost unnoticable scratches throughout.  The bracing for the mouthpipe had to be moved forward to accomodate the shorter "H" mouthpipe, so some of the plating where the brace use to be is not present (as seen in the pictures).  It does not come with a case or mouthpiece.

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