Selmer 24B K-Modified Trumpet

Price: $1,250.00
SKU:  ae00-2394^K-MOD
Manufacturer Part #:  K-MOD

This is a very good example of the Selmer Paris 24B K-Modified trumpet, considered a professional-level trumpet.  This trumpet (serial number 20521) dates to 1970.  The lacquer shows signs of oxidation, but is otherwise in very good to excellent condition (there is one small scratch on the bell).  The slides and valve all move freely and the valves show very minimal wear.  The trumpet's original engraving is still in excellent condition and the trumpet has many interesting design details that help it standout visually from other trumpets.  Comes with original case.



  • 4¾" two piece bell
  • .458" bore
  • Lacquer finish

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