Used Conn 48H Tenor Trombone

Price: $1,400.00
SKU:  ae00-2597^USED 48H
Manufacturer Part #:  USED 48H

This is a beautiful 1958 Conn 48H tenor trombone (serial #748840).  It has recently been cleaned by our expert repair technicians.  The finish is nearly perfect and the slides move smoothly.

Here is what Conn had to say about this model:

Modern advanced design includes the finest of all trombone features. Special bell taper balanced with mouthpipe gives resonant but powerful tone that is brilliant because of straight bore; mellow with 8" bell flare. Check these important features: lightweight airfloat slides, balanced tone column, special formcast braces, Electro-D bell, P-27 special formula outside slides, perfect balance for comfort, LUSTRE-CONN protected.

In addition to the 8" bell, the 48H has a .500" bore and is perfect for jazz.  It comes with the original case and the original Conn 3 mouthpiece.

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